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Boquerones en vinagre

Boquerones en vinagre (white anchovies)

Boquerones en vinagre is one of the most famous tapa in Spain. It is fresh and tasty and it goes well with any alcoholic drink as wine, beer or vermuth!

Boquerones are white anchovies that have been place in ice water and after vinegar to keep a firm texture and to make them whiter.

Anchovies are an exquisite little fish that we eat in some many different ways from salt-cured (we will do another post about these ones), marinated, or pickled, to battered and fried. Some of the best brands that you can buy are Ortiz and Cuca for salt-cured.

Our favorite for marinated in olive oil is Yurrita from La Central (Sth Melbourne Market).

We buy them in olive oil and we add the rest of the ingredients to make the perfect anchovies.


1 pack of Yurrita anchovies

1 garlic clove grated

chopped garlic to decorate

splash of Sherry vinegar

Potatos chips, we recommend Bonilla (they are cooked in EVO)

Manzanilla olives


1. Place the anchovies with their own oil in a plate (put the white part on the top)

2. Spread the grated garlic on top of the anchovies and splash some sherry vinegar on top.

3. To finish add some finely chopped parsley on top.

4. Prepare a bowl of EVO chips and another one with the olives and you are read to enjoy this easy and delicious tapa!

Note: You can prepare the marianted with the garlic and sherry vinegar the night before and keep in a tapperware if you want a stronger flavour.

Coastal Cocina

Byron & Maria

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