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Cazuela de marisco

Cazuela de marisco o Zarzuela (Seafood stew)

The zarzuela de mariscos is a traditional dish from the Spanish coast made from different seafood and fish. Traditionally this dish was made from the seasonal caught that the fisherman brought to land.

It is an easy and very tasty recipe that will take you around 20min. This is our recipe, the one that my grandma and my mum have been cooking my whole life.

The type of seafood and fish you can vary depending on what you have at home. Prawns, calamari, mussels are a must and for fish you can use any type that stay firmed. Scallops and clams are also a great addition to this dish.


2 serves

4-6 tiger prawns (any type of fresh prawns with shells)

1 calamari cut into rings

10-14 mussels

6-8 scallops (optional)

250 gr of rockling

1 garlic finely cut

1 garlic (keep it in 1 piece)

1 brown onion finely cut

1 tomato cut into dices

1 cup of white wine

1 cup of fish stock (if you don’t have it you can add chicken stock or plain water)

Pinch of saffron

1 bay leaf

½ tbsp of paprika

Pinch of salt

1 tbsp of bread crumbs

A handful of parsley finely cut


  1. Finely cut the garlic and onion and add to the pot with a splash of EVO.

  2. Cut the calamari into rings, peel the prawns leaving the head and tales on (the head with add flavour to the dish), and cut the fish in 2 if it is small or 3-4 if it is a bigger piece. Sprinkle some salt.

  3. Add the seafood and fish into the pot in a medium-high heat until they brown.

  4. When the pieces are slightly caramelised add the white wine in a high heat for around 2-3 min until the wine is dissolved.

  5. Add the water, tomato, saffron and bread crumbs and cook it for around 5 min with the lead on in a medium heat.

  6. Add the mussels and put the lead on. Cook until the mussels start to open (around 3min) and turn off the heat.

  7. Add some parsley on top and make sure that you have some bread ready.

Optional: serve with some plain rice on the side or a simple salad

A disfrutar!

Byron & María

The Coastal Cocina

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