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Coastal Cocina Red Sangria

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

Coastal Cocina red sangria

This is not your full traditional recipe but this is off the scale freshness, it’s not too sweet so you can drink it all day and is the ultimate sunny day refresher. You can play around with it and make it to your own liking, if you don’t like strawberries in your drink use blueberries etc. Not a fan of red wine, try our white sangria recipe with Aperol for something fresh and different.


1 bottle of red wine

120ml of gin

60ml of Cointreau

1 cup of lemon flavoured soda (Italian style San Pellegrino)

½ cup of soda water

½ orange sliced

½ lemon sliced

½ cup of sliced strawberries

½ cup of sliced apple

½ cinnamon stick

1 sprig of mint leave

Super chef bonus tip - If you know a day ahead you are making this, soak your fruit in the Cointreau and add an extra dash to your mix for extra boozy fruit.


  1. Place all of your in a large jug with your gin and Cointreau, muddle, then add the cinnamon (this is where you would leave it overnight).

  2. Pour in your red wine and top with the soda and lemon. Enjoy with a lot of ice and a few leaves of mint.

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