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Ensalada mixta

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Ensalada mixta (mixta salad)

'Ensalada mixta' is the classic Spanish salad that you can get in any part of Spain from bars to restaurants. It is a simple salad that matches any food that you cook, from meat to fish.

Usually is made to be shared, but it is also perfect as a quick main dish at home in a summer day.

Ingredients :

2 serves

1/4 romaine lettuce

1 tomato

1/4 of salad onion (optional)

2 tbsp of pickle carrot

2 tbsp of corn

A few olives ( we recommend manzanilla or anchovie olives)

2 preserved white asparagus

1 boiled egg

1 can of tuna (optional)


Sherry vinegar


a pinch of salt


1 Wash and break the lettuce leaves in small pieces. Place them in the plate or bowl that you are going to use and splash some vinegar and salt and mix it.

2. Cut the tomato as you desire, sometimes we cut the in slices and other times in irregular pieces. If you decide to add onion cut it very thinly.

3. Cut the asparagus in half, if you prefer you can leave them whole. Cut the boiled egg in for pieces or slice it.

4. Add to the plate de tomato pieces, the onion slices, the pickle carrot and the corn. You can be creative with the way that you plate it.

5. Season the salad with more vinegar, salt and EVO.

6. Add the olives, the asparagus an the boiled egg.

7. If you want this salad as a main add the tuna.

Byron & María

The Coastal Cocina

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