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Salsa verde (parsley and garlic green sauce)

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Salsa verde

Salsa verde is the most popular sauce in Spain that can be add to so many dishes, and can be made in many different ways. Our favorite way to use this sauce is to add it to any dish cooked on coals and is especially beautiful with meat or fish. This version is raw which provides a strong punchy fresh herb and garlicy flavour.


makes 1 x 250ml jar

2 clove of garlic, grated very small.

a large bunch of parsley, chopped very thin

200ml of EVO

a pinch of salt

3 tbsp of sherry vinegar

2 tsp of lemon juice


1 Mix all the ingredients. Another option is to blend the ingredients too if you want and smoother texture, we prefer a more chunky style of salsa verde.

2 Add it to your dish just when is still hot in the but the pan is off the heat, to warm the sauce through. Make sure that it doesn't cook through because if not the flavour will be lost.

This sauce works very well with any fish or meat dish.

Here a few examples where we usually cook with this sauce

Pork cutlet with salsa verde

Prawns en salsa verde (

Scampi en salsa verde

Clams and prawns stew with salsa verde

Byron & María

The Coastal Cocina

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