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Spanish Croquetas

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Themomix Croquetas base Croquettes are by far the most popular bar snack in Spain, Marias parents owned a bar and restaurant in Spain and this is an adapted recipe for the thermomix. Jamon (spanish version of prociutto) dominates the croquette scene in Spain however there are a million different combinations of flavours you can use. We have given you a great recipe for the base below which allows you to add what you like, think chicken, mushrooms, bacon, smoked salmon etc. This thermomix recipe is super easy and quick apart from the time it takes to set the mix in the fridge, the actual prep time is around 30 minutes in total. makes 12-15 Prep time 30 min + overnight to set mix Ingredients: - Croquette mix: 300 ml full cream milk 50g butter 50g flour 10g corn flour 6g salt 50g manchego cheese - Crumb mix: 100g panko bread crumbs 100g bread crumbs 2 eggs beaten 200g flour For flavor add 125g of meat vegetable or whatever you are using Method: 1. In the thermomix add the butter, milk, flours and salt. 2. Put on speed 4 at 90 degrees celcius for 15 minutes. 3. Mixture should be quite thick at this point add your cheese while it is still warm and mix at speed 4 for 30 seconds, this would be the time you added your flavouring such as jamon. 4. Transfer to a container, place baking paper so it is touching and covering the mixture to prevent a crust forming, place on lid when cooled and transfer into the fridge overnight or for at least 4 hours. 5. For the crumb: prepare 3 bowls with, one with the flour, one with the eggs and one with the bread crumbs. Shape mixture into balls then dust in the flour so the croquette is completely covered, then tranfer to the egg bowl and cover completely with egg, finally cover with the bread crumb mix. 6. The croquettes are now ready to fry in vegetable/olive oil at 180 degrees celius for 3-4 minutes.

Byron & María

The Coastal Cocina

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